Welcome to Hopkins Clinic

Advanced Training & Experience Does Make a Difference … Hopkins Clinic is a distinctive and unparalleled health care facility serving the Tampa Bay Florida area.

Dr. Clayton Hopkins has been helping patients for over 30 years. Thousands of patients suffering from neurological and musculoskeletal complaints have passed through the doors of Hopkins Clinic and found relief and an understanding team of caring professionals waiting to assist them. Dr. Justin Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Roode and Physical Therapist Brad Young also direct the Hopkins Clinic team that includes Licensed Massage Therapists, Registered Chiropractic Assistants and a Certified Medical Assistant. If you are in pain or just want to feel better, call us today.

The highly trained professionals of Hopkins Clinic are focused toward the treatment of significant traumatically induced injuries, often the result of automobile collisions, work related accidents and sport injuries. Over 75% of our patients have sustained injuries to spinal intervertebral discs.

Patient Therapeutic Services

Chiropractic Treatment
Spinal Decompression Traction
Massage Therapy
Therapy Modalities
Physical Therapy
Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Referral

Medicolegal Forensic Services

Exceptional Documentation
Expert Testimony
Second Opinions
Record Review
Independent Examination
Certified Legal Videography
Florida Bar CLE Provider

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. You can rest and relax knowing you are in good hands at Hopkins Clinic. Call (727) 544-3330 for an appointment.